What to Know Before Your Teen Starts the Hair Colouring Journey

It’s puberty and popularity, hormones and habits.  Your teenagers want to start to express themselves in ways unique to whom they see themselves as or want to mirror.  If you haven’t heard it already, you’ll likely hear the request soon to color their hair.

While this may seem like a dramatic and drastic step into independence, it actually is one of the far-less risky and costly changes a teenager can make at this time in their adolescence.  Before they run to the bathroom to make the next viral YouTube self-done hairstyle gone wrong, consider these few points and opt for options that work to give both of you peace of mind with a cost-effective and complementary look!

Hear their intentions. Knowing that your teen is likely trying to forge a new identity while also exuding some individualism, it could be very beneficial first to be open to the idea of an aesthetic change.  Immediate rejection of the idea could result in rebellion and worst choices, so embracing a conversation around colour could bring you closer as parent and child.

Ask them what interest they have in changing their hair colour and if it is to mimic someone in particular perhaps or to enhance self-esteem. These are great teaching opportunities and also the perfect way to segment into how to support them in the decision-making process. Reassurances they are great just the way they are - presents an excellent opportunity to reinforce some healthy self-esteem. Alternatively, this conversation can bring you closer to a dialogue you may not have had before.

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Support your teen through the process.  Consider offering resources that could potentially help the decision-making process while also showing your support for such a change. You could download free apps on your smartphone that allow for different looks and styles digitally. This might make for some laughs, but also may help your teen discern that a look they initially liked on someone else is not necessarily what they want.

Start simple.  Many times, the idea we have in our minds about what will be the end result quickly becomes a startling reveal when we turn around in the salon chair.  Consider asking your teenager to ease into colouring and encourage them to start with sun-kissed highlights. This can give them a dramatic look they desire without breaking the bank or damaging their untouched hair.

Bring Examples!  Once you’ve booked your teen’s first hair colouring appointment, please make sure that your teen brings with them examples of the colour and look they are going for.  What the average person thinks is “blonde” could very well be shades off from what the expert behind-the-chair knows and uses. This helps give them an accurate idea of the end goal.

Maintenance is key.  No matter how well your teen takes care of their new tresses, fading is inevitable. Plus, with hair growing about 1/2 inch every month, they'll at least have to get their roots redone every 6-8 weeks, depending on what look they're going for. Consider mentioning this to them before budgeting the bold new look.  To help it last longer, encourage your teen to invest in products that will uphold their new do, like DeLorenzo products that are vegan, sustainably-made and Australian-made!  This will not only help their new style last but also keep their healthy for any further experiments in their hair-coloring journey!

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