Have You Fallen Out of Love With What You Do?

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Fifteen years ago I fell out of love.

It was devastating. I fell out of love with my profession and the beauty industry. So what happened?

Everything in the hairdressing industry felt superficial and empty. There was this perception I noticed that the industry lacked in value and felt unintelligent. Here’s the thing- I am not alone! According to Curtin University and the Australian Bureau of Statistics the Accommodation, Food services and the Professional Services Industry have the highest amount of dissatisfied workers. Surprised? Probably not.



I had to take a pause.

Now if you are a business owner, you know that a pause can be scary. It can be downright petrifying! In the hairdressing industry, it can be deadly. But sometimes the pause is so incredibly necessary because it is from the break that the light can shine through. In fact, it can shine through so strong that you can become the best hairdressing studio in your area. True!

A new exploration started. I started to examine the other sides of what I felt passionate about, what I felt inspired by and what made me tick. The answers that moved forward and into my hands were surprising to me, yet welcomed and set the stage for now.


My discovery was my love for innovation and nurturing others.

I realized that this is what my industry needed, it needed to be infused with change and become less about hair and more about the essence of what was underneath the need for hair maintenance. Nurturing the client and their self-confidence with excellent hair technician skills is important, sure. But striving beyond that in a whole new level became my sole objective. My love of people and my way of caring for them in a way that was special, unique and in an accessible luxury experience was the way forward.

The next step was to broaden my training in the arena of innovation. This shift in me flourished under the guidance of a program called Destination Entrepreneur run by the impressive team at G2 Innovation. It was here I discovered innovation is a process and there are systems. My entrepreneurialism ignited, and here we are.

It is an exciting time at Jomara.

We have sourced the very best team members and are making sure we have a unique Jomara culture, reflected in every appointment and with every guest treated as beautifully and as indulgently as possible. If someone has taken time to come and get their hair done, we want that to be the highlight of their week, the time they get to take out for them and walk out feeling and looking fabulous.

As I write this, we have an entire team in front and behind the scenes tapping into new ways of creating experiences in the nurture and luxe beauty industry. Sometimes the focus needs to be less about the single layer of beauty and more about the wealth of self. Not just looking fabulous but FEELING fabulous. Watch for our launch coming soon!

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