Winter Hair? Brrrr- Here Are Tips to Launch You Into Spring!

Gorgeous and radiant hair always leaves us looking and even feeling our best, which is why proper hair care is essential. Also, taking care of your locks plays a crucial role in having healthy hair and helps avoid extensive damage that can lead to hair loss. While it may seem as simple as regularly washing with promising shampoos and conditioners, the truth is, this isn’t enough. In Australia where we experience some of the highest levels of UV radiation in the world, it pays to be vigilant with our hair.

Here, we dish up the three significant and straightforward steps you’ll want to add to your regimen.  

Step 1:  Start at the root (or the scalp). Scalp issues may not be as easily noticeable but are a source and significant contributor to the overall health of your mane.  The truth is, you can't have healthy hair without a healthy scalp. Moreover, we aren’t talking just dandruff. Several scalp conditions can lead to thinning hair or even permanent hair loss. Not to worry, however! With the latest advances in organic scalp care, the Tricho Series is a three-step program (a cleanser, conditioner, and toner) and natural remedy for the treatment of scalp concerns including dandruff, psoriasis, itching, redness, and scaling.





Step 2:  Use a treatment once a week to strengthen. Looking to keep those follicles fit?  It’s highly recommended to treat your tresses weekly. The best remedy we’ve found for coloured, dry, split ends, is our 3 step rebalancing essential treatment. 10 mins of Oil Balance, by Essential Treatments to deeply nourish and tame frizziness, followed by 2 shampoos with your favourite Delorenzo cleanser. Towel dry hair and apply strengthening treatment spray, Protein Complex, by Essential Treatments.  Not only is it rich in quinoa protein but it’s also color-safe and can be used as often as needed. Apply Equilibrium also from the Essential Treatment range for deep moisturising. Tip: Rinse thoroughly 10 mins later, 20 even better if you can, and your hair will feel amazing.



Don’t have or want to spend this time? You have Instant Restructurant to the rescue. A leave in weightless treatment that provides strength, moisture, shine, smoothness, UV and color protection along with easy detangling.



Step 3:  Use a heat protector spray.  You’ll want to be as proactive as possible when it comes to protecting your hair from heated styling appliances, including your hairdryer.  Fortunately, there is an ideal solution in De Lorenzo Defence Extinguish Spray which acts as a thermal protecting spray that protects hair from heat damage and humidity.  The formula not only expertly shields hair from breakage and split ends (protecting against heat up to 240 degrees), but it also boasts the luxury ingredient argan oil which conditions and softens the hair! For those who style every single day go the extra mile for your hair and use Delorenzo Defence Shampoo & Conditioner too. Your hair will thank you for it.



So, whether you’re looking to “mane”tain your already well-nourished head of hair or are looking to combat some of the more challenging and concerning issues at the root of their origin, De Lorenzo has you and your coat, covered from tip to never-splitting-ends. Not sure what’s the next best step to take? Call Jomara or book online with our professionals in hair care at for a treatment to fix any concerns you may have.