Winter in Geelong Tips For Fabulous Hair

Winter is a time in Geelong for snuggling up with your favourite blanket, person or pet and keeping warm, bracing against the winds and resisting getting out of bed as much as you can!

But it is also a time for taking care of your hair as we are exposed to heaters and cold as well. The heat inside and cold wind outside can create brittle, fragile hair, so how we can help our hair in the brrrrr?

We encourage our clients to maintain moisture in the hair, and good quality hair treatments can help achieve this.

One of the reasons we stock wonder brand DeLorenzo is not only because we love supporting Australian made products- but also the incredible ingredients contained within. A treasure trove of hair food, the DeLorenzo tagline 'Inspired by Nature' is no catchline, the ingredients list reads like a menu from the planet.

For example one of the hair treatments we use De Lorenzo Equilibrium Repairing Masque has ingredients such as Olive fruit Oil, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Wheat Protein, Vitamin E, Rose Hip Oil, Desert lime, Arnica Montana Flower Extract, Hydrolyzed Quinoa Protein and Horsetail Extract- and that's only a fraction of it!


DeLorenzo is our selected brand, Australian owned and containing botanically sourced ingredients and ethically source too, no testing on animals.

Another must-have is the DeLorenzo Protein Complex - a fine misting spray containing Organic Rosehip oil and Wheat proteins to nourish and replenish your stressed mane, leaving it beautiful, vital, restored and healthy. This is also fabulous for colour treated hair.


Protein Complex is in stock and one of our favourites with gorgeous natural ingredients to help strengthen hair.

Making sure your hair dryers have lower heat settings, as well as curling irons or straighteners, is also essential.

Many lesser quality styling products can have excessive heat settings, which can lead to stressed locks. When you combine this with the artificial heaters in cars and homes, it can dry out your hair quickly.

Reducing the amount you wash your hair can also be helpful. If you find of an evening that your scalp feels oily, massage your scalp gently and massage the hair lengths. Leave overnight and wash it the next day.  Produced by your sebaceous glands- scalp oil- sebum has a naturally protective quality we call 'nature's conditioner.'

Want to feel like a princess? Try a silk pillowcase!

Silken material reduced static and friction. Sounds like a bit of luxury fluff right? Nope, a silk pillowcase can do wonders for your hair, and reduce the amount of styling you may need to do each day.

Don't forget to remember to keep your diet delicious with foods in rich, healthy fats and biotins. The health of your body shines through your hair and making sure you have a balanced diet will help your hair and skin radiate.

If you like these tips or try the silk pillow (wink)- please let us know as we would love to hear your feedback!

If you want some more tips about diet and keeping hair healthy check out this impressive blog turned magazine by actress and health advocate Gwenthyn Paltrow - GOOP, check out this article about hair care and healthy bodies naturally-

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