The Wonderful Secret To Smiles



When the corner of a mouth tilts to the side- magic is happening.

In the split second that curve appears, dopamine, endorphins, and serotonin just lit up the brain like Sydey on New Year’s Eve. Those neurons just went into party mode. Moreover, it’s perfect for business!

Why? Smiling is the result of positive moments. Happy moments, satisfying moments, appreciation, gratitude, humor and even relief. Sometimes innovation stems from something so incredibly simple yet illustrative. Therefore, we are in the business of making smiles happen. Did I mention it makes everyone feel good? It is the most authentic and honest way to improve other people's lives, regardless of the industry or situation. The heart of a business must showcase smiling.



So many in the hairdressing industry find it a competitive and challenging place to exist. Professional training is a must, a great space, beautifully trained staff and flow of incoming guests is the ideal. However, bringing it all together seamlessly can be tricky and not always obvious.

One of the skills I have developed over the years and trained our staff to develop in themselves is the ability to read people. Identifying what your guest needs as early as possible- not everyone is up for a chat!  

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Social cues are a critically important facet of communication.

Reading a guest's body language is the most effective way to understand the social cues they are giving out. Are they frowning? Do they appear stressed? Tense?  When a guest comes in, you are in their personal space, a sacred phenomenon for many people. The amount of space that we need between ourselves and others to be comfortable is so significant. Establish a comfortable personal space for your guest. There are small cues that will tell you if they feel like chatting, or prefer some quiet time while we tend to their needs. Does our guest need quiet, peaceful time today or do they want higher energy, more fun?

How can you improve their day?

We have a busy world. According to The Australian Bureau of Statistics- 77% of our adults feel under pressure with juggling time stress, work, and family balance.

Sometimes sitting in a chair being looked after is the only downtime some people get, so let’s make sure we make their day better.

"Connection is why we're here; it is what gives purpose and meaning to our lives."- Brene Brown

What if walking into your salon was the one highlight of your guest's week?

So much goes on in our lives, we are sometimes brilliant at keeping up appearances to those we see on a day to day basis. First and foremost-  always trying to deliver the highlight of your guest's week


Give them the best.

The best of everything! Source the very best products to maintain the aftercare of your work! Give them the tools to care for their hair in between visits. We choose DeLorenzo hair products, DeLorenzo has a nature-based philosophy,  and all of their products are manufactured on Australian soil. They have an absolute dedication to producing environmentally sustainable luxe products that are not tested on animals. With plant-based ingredients like Kakadu Plum, Birch and Roobios Extract who could resist?

Choose your staff very carefully.

They are representatives of you and your vision. You cannot underestimate the impact both positively and negatively this can have. You are an agency for improving someone's life, and they are the caretaker's of smiles and quality, so choose wisely.

Making sure all components of the service you are providing is the best possible quality you can achieve the infectiousness of a smile. So be the contagious transmitter of happiness!

Your life will thank you for it.

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